Distance travelled: 5254 km (3284 mil)             Distance to go: 0 km (0 mil)

We are five fans who decided to drive this September the famous legendary Route 66. We plan to drive this Road which is 2,449 miles (3,943km) long from Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA by our favourite vehicle, which became an integral part of our lives.
This vehicle is an old-timer three-wheeler VELOREX!!! 

Four Velorexes were newly reconstructed for this trip. They are sent in a container by a ship over the Atlantic Ocean. We arrive by a plane and hit the road. We wish both to explore a bit of the USA along the Route 66 and present the three-wheeler Velorex in the USA (however there are already few of them cruising American roads). We want to demonstrate that such a unique vehicle that served disabled people in the second half of the last century for shorter rides, can accomplish much more. 

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And who we are?
Tomas Jaron, Tomas Hanus - Erda, Tomas Klener - Klema, Pepa Synovec a Vera Synovcova. You can contact us at:

The preparation phase is not easy and there are two men who help us a lot. Mr. Glenn Bukac from Chicago who advises us of potential difficulties along our trip and who helped us very much e.g. with finding an insurance company (Progressive Northern Insurance Co) that can provide us a necessary vehicle insurance. Further we were contacted by Mr Bobo Chudoba from Los Angeles who helps us with the final phase of our tour and who also gives us valuable advice and help.
We thank both of them very much!